Visit Us

Friends and family (even some strangers) are always welcome to visit us anytime we have space. The below calendar shows our open dates.

It is extremely difficult for us to make firm plans to be in a specific place at a specific time. All kinds of things get in the way like the weather, boat maintenance and of course, the whims of the skipper and crew! So unfortunately we will likely will not be able tell you exactly where we will be until very close to the time we get there. Unfortunately that means that you will not know for sure where you are going until close to the last minute. We will know what main airports to book flights in/out of reasonably far in advance, but things like connections to/from us and the nearest major airport will likely need to be booked last-minute.

Our tentative plans for 2018 are to leave  Roccella Ionica, Italy when the weather turns warm enough (or when we can’t stand it any longer, whichever comes first), likely around early April. Our tentative  plan (always subject to the whims of the crew!) is Roccella > Sicily > Aeolian Islands > (maybe) west coast of Italy – not many places to anchor there! > Sardinia > Corsica > (maybe) a bit of France > Balearic Islands > Spain [Tentative: Gibraltar > (maybe) Morocco > Canary Islands > (maybe) Cape Verde Islands > Caribbean (Barbados??)]

We love having our friends aboard, and they are always welcome. Don’t wait for an invitation!! If the calendar below isn’t booked off on the dates you can come, you are welcome. Let us know…… 🙂