Almost ready to Purrr!

Well, we are now the proud new owners of Holos IV (soon to be renamed Purrr – that’ll be a topic for another post for sure), a 2008 Catana 50 catamaran, presently located in Hammamet Tunisia. How about that!?!?!

We moved aboard for two short days and nights, on January 26, and immediately started to purrr!!!

It never fails to surprise me how incredibly wonderful it feels to be back on the water after extended time away, even if only tied to a dock. The sound and feel of the boat gently moving and pulling on it’s lines as you drift off to sleep is something that cannot be described and must be experienced!

At home at the dining table.

At home at the dining table.

Proud new owners!

Proud new owners!

Our tentative plans are to move aboard towards the end of April, and cast off for points unknown, somewhere in the Med around mid May.

We uploaded a couple of albums in the Gallery section, one includes a few pictures of our soon to be new home, and the other are highlights of our earlier trip to Tunisia last November, when we first went to see our soon to be new home!

2 Comments on “Almost ready to Purrr!

  1. Just wanted to wish all three of you (purr as well) wonderful adventures in the future.
    If you enjoy this lifestyle half as much as we do then it will be more than worth it.
    If we can help at any time then just let us know. We are only 120 miles away so get some beers in the fridge.

    • Thank you! I fully expect to, and really hope so!! 🙂
      If you are 120 miles away, you are certainly going to beat us there. We are targeting to arrive in Hamammet a week tomorrow – so it may have to be your beer first! We love your blog, and we’ll be real happy if we get ours looking half as good as yours one day. Haven’t had time to even look at it for weeks – as you can see from how long it’s taken to respond! Packing (or maybe I should say throwing away) a house worth of stuff to fit onto a boat is proving to be one challenging task – not to mention trying to cut all the ties!! But you know all about that 🙂 We really hope our paths will cross some time – you guys sound like a lot of fun.

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