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WELCOME to Purring Along, the chronicles of Charlie & Sue’s life and travels aboard their sailing cat Purrr.

Sailing/cruising without a schedule or master plan – going wherever a fair wind takes us for as far and as long as it’s fun – has been a lifelong dream. When I met Susannah about 11 years ago, she had never set foot on a sailboat, let alone contemplated living on one or crossing an ocean in one. Luckily, for both of us, she took to sailing like the proverbial fish to water, making her the supreme catch of my life!!

With 2017 comes a new plan!! After two years of loving our life aboard, and cruising the Eastern Mediterranean, we’ve decided to chase a slightly greater ambition. Our new master plan is to sail around the world. We will still be following the “without schedule” rule as much as possible, but our ultimate goal is to one day sail back into the Med from the east, coming north through the Suez Canal. We are much less concerned about achieving our end goal than we are about taking our time, meeting and getting to know great people, experiencing wonderful cultures and places, and above all – having fun!

This year will see us start preparing Purrr for the extended ocean passages that go along with our plan. We’ll start some of that in Malta early this spring. After that we’ll head up the Adriatic to Venice, then slowly drift back down through Croatia and possibly Albania and Montenegro before ending up and spending next winter in Sicily. Next year we’ll do the western Med, including Sardinia and the Balerics before heading south and out of the Med to the Canary  and Cape Verde Islands before crossing over to the Caribbean for the winter of 2018/19.

We extend an open invitation to all our friends, family and loved ones to join us anytime, anywhere along the way. We love nothing more than sharing our time with you.


 CATAMARAN PURRR          (more pictures)



Catana 50 layout

Catana 50 Layout


Architect                                                Christophe Barreau
Navigation category                          A
Manufactoring process                   Sandwich en infusion Carbone Twaron
Overall length                                     49.97 ft
Overall length with bowsprit       54.46 ft
Water line length                              48.69 ft
Beam                                                      26.05 ft
Light displacement                          13.7 t
Draft boards up                                 3.94 ft
Draft boards down                          9.68 ft
Mast clearance                                  77.76 ft
Mast length                                         70.54 ft
Main sail area                                    1076.4 sq ft
Up wind sail area                             1830 sq ft
Down wind sail area                      2152.8 sq ft
Engines power                                 2 x 75 hp Volvo Penta
Fresh water capacity                     211.34 us gal
Fuel capacity                                    227.19 us gal